Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I honestly wrote this entirely sincerely

{walking home, hand in hand
the mood warms my heart
can't put it into words,
don't think you are ready to hear it
but hey, thanks 

(written for a friend of mine)
(goodness, reading it again i sound like one sick puppy!)
(sincerity is hard to convey poetically)
(why am I posting this?)
(what did I mean?)
(overly dramatic?)
(why do all these questions bother me so much?)

(stuff it, I'll post it. If i  take it down later, so be it)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In sickness and health

So long since I last posted! Shall try and get back into the swing of things a.s.a.p.
Not much has happened, the usual getting a mouth infection, fainting, hitting my head (in teenage girl talk - dying!) But am much better now, I even got my braces off yesterday! It still feels kind of weird an slimy, yet in a good way, finally freedom and straight teeth!

Alas, I feel i have already reached my quota of exclamation points and exciting news :( Hmm, let me think... Well Mother dearest and Father dearest are going away for the weekend next week so me and Wills get the house to ourselves! Which really just means we have to cook and clean for ourselves, no wild parties, maybe I'll be extravagant and have a friend over ;)

If you are looking at the date/time and frowning (your name is probably mother dearest) yes, I am sitting in class right now... On the positive side I am in science and am currently 'doing a personal project on cyborgs' i.e catching up on the blog! ( I love you mum) Will do the project at the last minute like normal...!

On the topic of school, just chugging along, reports are due soon for the teachers so a big rush of assignments and tests, but it will all over by next week. Not long until Easter now either...

So, that is me for now, don't have my external hard-drive with me now so will post photo's on recent food experiments (currently perfecting the poached/soft boiled egg) later tonight

Apologies for the horrid spelling/grammar!
Ims x