Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hear you me my friend

Ah, I haven't updated in so long!
In two days time I set off on a seven day hike in some remote and beautiful wilderness, knee deep snow here I come! I am slightly nervous, not knowing how challenging it will be, but I am determined and hopefully that will be enough :)
I promise to post lots of photos when I return on Sunday.

Apart from that, I have recently been up to Queensland to enjoy some warm weather which was nice, even if the lingering ash cloud did delay our return home. My three weeks worth of holiday now complete, it is back into the swing of things, only a few weeks to go before examinations begin so I am sure I shall be kept busy.

That is really all! Hopefully something more exciting will happen soon, will keep you updated!

Fighting! Ims x

Monday, May 16, 2011

I might just cry

What for Mr. God!
All went pear shaped yesterday.
I may never recover.
Azerbaijan won Eurovision.
Instead of the hot Swedish Guy, the sand artist of Ukraine or even the cute Estonian girl singing about her night out in NYC.

It is official, Europe has no taste.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Winter is coming.
My jeans don't fit. It is not like I have grown any taller, they still fit length wise. 

So: the solution started today. Regular exercise and healthy lunches. I eat well when I am at home, but I make my own school lunch and I often can't be bothered to whip up something balanced.
The commitment I am making when it comes to food is to make myself a healthy (not to mention delicious!) lunch, normally in the shape of a bento. 

Yesterday, my lunch was created. Firstly with a trip to the supermarket (walking the long way, exercise+vitamin D!) to buy shiitake mushrooms, salmon, sesame seeds, bok choy  and coconut water. The coconut water was just something that made me curious,and was actually really good!

I then fried the fish in some ginger, soy and sesame seeds. I had to make sure it was well cooked because it had to go in my lunch box for a few hours un-refrigerated. I then mashed it a bit so it was in small pieces and added some fresh chili. 
Now to shape the rice balls! I got a small dish and pressed the warm sushi rice into it so i had  space for my salmon. Then it was just a case of putting more rice on top and turning them out on some nori! At the same time i steamed some vegetables as a side.

So - there is lunch, now to do some exercise. Ballet tomorrow and then I will have to drag Wills out to do some softball training on the other days.

I feel like such a teenage girl, I am not dieting as such, just aspiring to become more healthy. Still, feel a little bit ridiculous, but I have a bush-walking camp coming up and I want to be able to climb those mountains without dying ;)

So, if for once I can actually commit to something for any real period of time, it will be a miracle!
Wish me luck!

Ims x

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I honestly wrote this entirely sincerely

{walking home, hand in hand
the mood warms my heart
can't put it into words,
don't think you are ready to hear it
but hey, thanks 

(written for a friend of mine)
(goodness, reading it again i sound like one sick puppy!)
(sincerity is hard to convey poetically)
(why am I posting this?)
(what did I mean?)
(overly dramatic?)
(why do all these questions bother me so much?)

(stuff it, I'll post it. If i  take it down later, so be it)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In sickness and health

So long since I last posted! Shall try and get back into the swing of things a.s.a.p.
Not much has happened, the usual getting a mouth infection, fainting, hitting my head (in teenage girl talk - dying!) But am much better now, I even got my braces off yesterday! It still feels kind of weird an slimy, yet in a good way, finally freedom and straight teeth!

Alas, I feel i have already reached my quota of exclamation points and exciting news :( Hmm, let me think... Well Mother dearest and Father dearest are going away for the weekend next week so me and Wills get the house to ourselves! Which really just means we have to cook and clean for ourselves, no wild parties, maybe I'll be extravagant and have a friend over ;)

If you are looking at the date/time and frowning (your name is probably mother dearest) yes, I am sitting in class right now... On the positive side I am in science and am currently 'doing a personal project on cyborgs' i.e catching up on the blog! ( I love you mum) Will do the project at the last minute like normal...!

On the topic of school, just chugging along, reports are due soon for the teachers so a big rush of assignments and tests, but it will all over by next week. Not long until Easter now either...

So, that is me for now, don't have my external hard-drive with me now so will post photo's on recent food experiments (currently perfecting the poached/soft boiled egg) later tonight

Apologies for the horrid spelling/grammar!
Ims x

Sunday, February 27, 2011

expect the unexpected

I went on an eight day compulsory camp with the 'just do it and hope it goes quick' attitude. I loved it, I didn't expect to but it was probably one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. We were put into groups of twelve and I was lucky enough to be landed with a bunch of awesome people. We had our problems, with home sickness, gastro and bitching caused by over-tiredness but the motto 'deal with it' got us through. Everyone in my group called me 'Mum' because I was the go-to if problems arose, I did the cooking and fussed like a mother hen! I do it because I love them.
I was not going to go on any of the optional camps offered for grade 9's at our school, but now I want to go on all of them!
Nothing make me warm and fuzzy quite like an eye-opening, potentially life-changing incident!

So: camp food.
Now, just to clear the soon to be hazy air, our outdoor education co-ordinator spends six months every year away from his wife an young son to come on camps with us. He is an amazing teacher and I am incredibly grateful for his work, Thanks Mr. Witty!

the food was not too bad. We cooked on portable gas stoves and on the whole it was edible, mostly curry and risotto. Only one meal was freeze-dried and that was on an over-night hike anyway. But the pots we use are awful! They burn absolutely everything, no matter what the cooking temperature, no matter how you stir!

So, apart from carcinogenic, the food was good. The apples and oranges provided for snacks were delectable - we each had about five per day!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sorry! Been so busy with getting ready for school!
Had my first day back today, it was pretty terrifying. Even though I have been going to the same school for eleven years now, today my grade did the big jump an moved to a different campus. The older girls and teachers are daunting, but I guess it is just another thing I will have to get used to!

On a brighter side, my lunch was delicious, I had Halloumi salad, season rice, a Pb and J fold-over sandwich and  a kiwi fruit. Tomorrow I am planning another salad, but with different 'stuff.'

I don't feel like this a lot, but today I felt like a young, ignorant teenager. I guess I am, when you strip it all down I am just a precocious girl who just wants to fit in. And you know what? It really ain't so bad.

This post wasn't overly long, mature or in depth, but thats okay too.

"Because I knew you, I have been changed for good." (For Good, from Wicked)

Ims x