Sunday, January 30, 2011


I am still alive!
Been busy with family stuff, but have loads of baking to do tomorrow, so will post tomorrow night.
Only one more week until school goes back, how time flies!

Ims x

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fashion Statement

Two weeks since the last post... sorry!

But this two weeks has been a big one, not just for me but for Aussie. We have this past while had the invasion from millions upon millions of liters of water in Queensland, NSW and Victoria. My heart goes out to those whom have lost loved ones and everything else, communities that were already poor may never recover.

The horrid thing for me has been the way the media have turned the event into a soap opera. On the ABC one evening there was one and a half hours of flood coverage. I saw the same footage countless times. Calling the flood damaged areas 'War Zones' was taking it way to far. I understand that media outlets need to make a buck, but a war zone? Iraq is a war zone, but parts of Australia are natural disaster zones.  These people deserve our respect, this is not a good excuse to make money.

The control the media has over us is worrying. I for one am strongly influenced by the media, in some ways i am sure this has its benefits, but the potential the media has to twist things is scary!

So; that covers my 'statement.' This blog was never designed to express my point of view, it just happened. I hope you do not find me to ignorant, please treat me kindly!

Fashion; a brutal love affair perhaps? Today I have been shopping for school camp, meaning the purchase of many things I will only ever use for this eight-day camp. 

But school camp is one of the most stressful things that happen in a year. I go to an all girls school and the girls are between 14 and 15 years of age, the ultimate age for peer pressure an self consciousness. I was buying a day pack, but getting a day pack that was not to big, not to small, not to colorful etc. takes some effort! The last thing I want is to have weird stuff. 

It sounds vain, I know. As I am regularly told "Imogen Jane, No-one is going to stop their horse and cart to look at you." But whether they reign in their ponies or not, it is about me feeling confident in myself. I don't want to take a massive bag, because then I would stand out for all the wrong reasons. My stuff doesn't have be new, it just has to be, dare I say it, conservative. 

But even before I have eight days of homesick friends (I am pleased I don't suffer the same fate!) uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and no showers, I have a Christian youth camp to attend. 

Youth camp is something I look forward to more than anything else in my year. 3 nights near a beach with some of the nicest people on earth. I don't feel self conscious, We go down to breakfast in our PJ's, we go and wrestle in piles of jelly! It starts on the 20th, so I will update when I get back!

Food update:
I heart Kimchi, chu rock my world!

Listening to "Oh Mom" - Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P) 

Ims x

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The gift of wisdom

For Christmas I received the book 'When I talk to you' by Michael Leunig.
The cover states 'a cartoonist talks to God' and the book is made up of prayers along with illustrations. 
I may not have been given the gift of wisdom, after all it can never be given so I can not hope to acquire such a present. But I hope this book will help me to become wise, one day I hope to achieve wisdom. What wisdom is exactly, I don't quite know. All I know is that I'm not there yet and won't be for a long time. 

A quote from 'When I talk to you'

God  help us with ideas, those thoughts that inform the ways we live and the things we do. Let us not seize upon ideas, neither shall we hunt them down nor steal them away. Rather let us wait faithfully for them to approach, slowly and gently like creatures from the wild. And let them enter willingly into our hearts and come and go frequently within the sanctuary of our contemplation, informing our souls as they arrive and being enlivened by the inspiration of our hearts as they leave. These shall be our truest thoughts. Our willing and effective ideas. Let us treasure their humble originality. Let us follow them gently back into the world with faith that they will lead us to lives of harmony and integrity.


Ponder at your leisure,
Ims x

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look closely...

Happy new year! May 2011 bring much happiness.
This is a photo post, my camera is finally making connections, so enjoy!

Gingerbread house
This is the front of the Gingerbread house I did for
 Integrated Studies at school late 3rd term last year

And the roof...

And the back... it is the word 'Christmas'  written in different 
languages. The German is missing a 'h' but shhh!

Christmas Lunch
Things to make rice paper rolls. Also note
the Kimchi in the middle, mmm!

The highlight, Roast Duck! It is boiled in stock first, then
roasted so it stays nice and moist. The stock it cooked in is then
served together with it, a delectable combination!
The stock and condiments, all eaten by candle light
in the Christmas spirit!

Fruits from our garden
Loquat, about the size of a small apricot.
Strange but tasty mix between a lychee and a mango...
We got about 20kg off our two trees this Summer, they
are rich and oh-so-good!

My handiwork
I have been working on some embroidery recently, this is just a few snaps
of the fruits of my labor.

I haven't done the exclamation point yet, but you 
might recognize the Korean-inspired phrase!

I used both running and back stitch to give the 'effect' shown.

I have also changed my profile picture to GD and TOP, two members of my favortie Korean group, Bigbang. They just released an album together called 'High High' which kicks some ass!
So, that catches me up to date, until next time!
Ims x