Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Foods of Korea and egg rice

I am lucky enough to be friends with two wonderful Korean girls. They both are incredibly kind and patient as I stumble over the Korean words they are trying to teach me!
Anyway, on Saturday night I was invited to one of the girls' house for dinner. Her mum is really nice and an amazing cook. For dinner we had kimchi (spicy pickled/fermented cabbage), rice and this amazing chicken dish with noodles made from sweet potato. It was absolutely fantastic, I ate so much I thought I would burst! I had never had that type of noodle before, they were really tasty! They are semi-transparent and  really absorb the flavor of the food they are cooked with.
So, a massive thank you to my friend and her family for having me over, not laughing at my horrendous attempt to speak your beautiful language and cooking me amazing food! Sa lang hae!

This morning I got out of bed late and felt like cooking! So I decided to make myself egg rice. I added diced fried onion, red capsicum and soy for flavor. I made extra so I can have it tomorrow for breakfast, yum! This dish is particularly good because you can add anything you want to it. For me it means a quick and healthy breakfast. I am really slow on school mornings, so I normally end up skipping breakfast. Hopefully being able to prepare the night before will help me to be more organised and actually eat breakfast!
I normally use 1 1/2 cup cooked rice and 2 eggs per person, but it just depends on how hungry you are!

On a sweet note, I made each of my friends a 'happy first day back at school' parcel. Each one has in it three mini cup cakes in vanilla butter cake and chocolate butter cake (Butter cake + cocoa!) and about 7 of the lemon cookies I made with my cookie gun. The first day back at school is always hard and tiring, so I am hoping that these tasty treats baked in love eases the pain for my friends! On the down side, my hand is sore from using the cookie gun so much! But the look on my friend's faces when they see the parcels will be worth it I am sure!

Well, another post over and done with, I have done so many already! But with school starting I am sure they shall become less frequent, I will aim to have a new one every week, even if it is short. Let's just hope life doesn't interfere to much!
Over and out,
Ims x


  1. You are a sweetie, wish we'd been at school together! Not sure that there's much I could have cooked and brought to share with you though!
    Looking forward to catching up on all your news next week . . . birthday grrrrl!
    Marty has been practicing his kisses, he mostly shuts his mouth now, are you prepared to give him a try?

  2. I will most definitely try Marty out, I can't say no to a cute face!
    Look forward to seeing you guys!!!
    I x