Thursday, December 2, 2010

A completely un-foodie post

We lost.
We did not only lose, we lost 3-11.
But we fought hard! We fought for four innings, and we did well!
To fill you in, I am discussing the best sport known to man, softball, more specifically my school teams Grand Final.
We were up against the team who had never lost a game, the odds were against us, but we still had the time of our lives. I am known for being... very enthusiastic, screaming, shouting, the whole lot. But the team has played so well this year, this game we even got three girls out in a row, they didn't even get one home.
Days like these make me so proud to be a member of my school.
Noting makes me feel sentimental quite like a good bit of sport, and a good ol' movie in Maths class.

We watched a movie entitled 'Stand and Deliver.' This is a truly heartwarming story based on real life events. A teacher with passion went into a high school with very low standards of education and got his whole maths class to pass the Calculus AP. 
With a bit of love and drama along the way, even my legendary Maths teachers shed a few tears.

To go against my title, and make this post somewhat edible. Tonight my mother is away visiting her mother out of the state, so it is just me, my 16 year old brother and my dad. So, as we drove home from softball, we went and got fish and chips. Now, my dad loves to cook and is really very good. But tonight, nothing warmed the soul quite like slightly greasy flake and chips out of a white cardboard box, sitting surrounded by people rushing home from work while you just sit perfectly still.

Here's to Sport, Good films and greasy food (in moderation, of course)

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  1. Ahhhh yes, we were one of those cars rushing past you. Jac telling me about her day at work while Marty slept in his car seat. Luckily the red light was on our side, so we stopped for long enough to hear that your team had "fought a brave fight"! Well done . . .
    And you know what, after we put the baby to bed, we ordered a pizza! It must have been the night for a less healthy dinner, and we enjoyed every bit!!