Thursday, December 23, 2010

10 days on

Ten days since my last post.
Just goes to show what can be done with ten twenty-four-hour periods. 
In ten days I have finished school for the year (boy, did I cry!), cooked the most delicious and easy brunch using asparagus, attended a friends conformation, hand made about eleven Christmas cards and purchased gifts!
 It feels like a lot to me, but looking back it is nothing in the grand scheme of things. But oh well, I had fun. That is what matters when you are a teenager, isn't it?
Another year of school is over and I feel kinda sad. It was probably the best year ever for me and I wish it would never end. We keep being told that we are 'young ladies' now, but is being a young lady about how many years you have spent at school? I don't want to be a young lady right now, that comes with responsibility. I will say proudly with all the ignorance in the world that I don't quite want to have to deal with that yet. Ah! All my blog post seem to be so sentimental recently! It will pass after new year, I promise!

So, asparagus, wonderful vegetable. Green. Crunchy. Good with lemon, egg and butter. - or so I found out on a lazy Sunday. I had just returned for a friends conformation at the local Cathedral. It was a very beautiful service, with the choir providing music that I thoroughly enjoyed. So I was feeling, to contradict my previous paragraph, happily lady-like. So upon investigating the refrigerator and coming across some asparagus I continued to do the following in hope of producing a 'delicate brunch.' 

  1. Fry asparagus in liberal amounts of butter and fresh-squeezed lemon juice until just warmed through.
  2. Pour a scrambled egg over the pile of asparagus, let egg cook.
  3. While still on the heat, top with cheese and let that melt.
  4. Serve with some black pepper. Eat... delicately
Now, to *slightly* move away from food...
Recently I have started reading a series of books called 'At Home in Beldon Grove.' there are two books so far in the series, with another due to be released April 2011. They are set in my favorite time, being 1820-1850 in Illinois. I love books set in America during this time. Though the lifestyle of people is highly romanticized in books (it must have been ruddy hard, freezing during winter, sweltering during summer and loosing children young) but the whole morale of the women especially give me courage. They lived through ten times worse than I. In return I should not moan, something I do far to much of!
If only  life was like in the books, But then it would be dull, no?

As my summer holiday project, I am going to make a quilt by hand - keep posted (and your fingers crossed for me!) on that one!

I finish with a quote by George W Bush. Why? No, I am not a fan of his. I do it because I can - anyhow it is kind of kick ass....

"Bring them on. "

Ims x

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