Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look closely...

Happy new year! May 2011 bring much happiness.
This is a photo post, my camera is finally making connections, so enjoy!

Gingerbread house
This is the front of the Gingerbread house I did for
 Integrated Studies at school late 3rd term last year

And the roof...

And the back... it is the word 'Christmas'  written in different 
languages. The German is missing a 'h' but shhh!

Christmas Lunch
Things to make rice paper rolls. Also note
the Kimchi in the middle, mmm!

The highlight, Roast Duck! It is boiled in stock first, then
roasted so it stays nice and moist. The stock it cooked in is then
served together with it, a delectable combination!
The stock and condiments, all eaten by candle light
in the Christmas spirit!

Fruits from our garden
Loquat, about the size of a small apricot.
Strange but tasty mix between a lychee and a mango...
We got about 20kg off our two trees this Summer, they
are rich and oh-so-good!

My handiwork
I have been working on some embroidery recently, this is just a few snaps
of the fruits of my labor.

I haven't done the exclamation point yet, but you 
might recognize the Korean-inspired phrase!

I used both running and back stitch to give the 'effect' shown.

I have also changed my profile picture to GD and TOP, two members of my favortie Korean group, Bigbang. They just released an album together called 'High High' which kicks some ass!
So, that catches me up to date, until next time!
Ims x

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